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Welcome Moms and Expectant Moms!


The Moms Groups hosts professionally led facilitated chats in 23 locations each week from bump to baby. In our signature programs, you'll engage in parenting discussions, gather valuable resources, and ask all your parenting questions - from sleep and schedules, to finding child care (and everything in between) to make this time smoother, easier and more enjoyable.


After these warm, informative, and friendly sessions, you’ll be connected to a great group of other moms and have essential parenting resources for staying sane in the insane world of parenting.


They say it takes a village to raise a child… bring the baby, we’ll bring the village


Your Hosts


The support groups are led by Renee Sullivan, parent and lifestyle coach, fellow mom and founder of The Moms Groups. Joined by Kerry, Jordana, Lauren, Julie, and Sarah - therapists and fellow moms, all guiding you to embrace your role with more confidence and humor and have some fun along the way.



Our History


Launched as Babybites Moms Groups in 2008, we are excited to begin our tenth year connecting thousands of moms to meet up in the NYC mom community, and look forward to introducing everyone and seeing you soon!



Our Locations



We host our groups on The Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Union Square, Chelsea, Flatiron, Murray Hill, Midtown East, and Midtown West in Manhattan, and Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, and Park Slope in Brooklyn.



  Expectant Moms Groups



Each week come together with a great group of women to share pregnancy experiences, ask questions, build friendships and gather extensive pregnancy resources for all things baby!


 Led by parent coach and educator, fellow mom and founder of The Moms Groups, Renee Sullivan.


Topics covered include formula feeding and breastfeeding, pediatricians, baby nurses and doulas, labor coping techniques, essential baby gear, balancing work and baby, and plenty of time for your questions each week. 


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New Moms Groups
Meet new moms in your neighborhood!  Each week come together with a great group of women to share parenting experiences, ask questions, build friendships and gather resources for all things baby - we hope you'll join us!


Topics covered include sleep and routines, bottle and breastfeeding, childcare, work / life balance and more. Plenty of time devoted to answering your questions each week. 


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Moms of Older Babies

Each week, come together with a great group of moms to share experiences, ask questions and humorously and compassionately approach motherhood. Your group is led by parent coach and educator, fellow mom, and founder of The Moms Groups, Renee Sullivan.


Topics include: Intro of solid foods, teething, baby and toddler safety, child proofing, developmental milestones and more! Plenty of time devoted to answering your questions each week.


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Second Time Moms Groups
 Come meet other second time moms in the neighborhood!
We'll discuss those tricky mom of two challenges - from time management, balancing the needs of two, toddler behavior and limit setting, sleep schedules and bedtime routines, sibling ease, and more!
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What Our Moms Are Saying

Thanks for a wonderful six weeks! This list is terrific – it is so helpful to have all of this valuable information in one place.  I am so happy to have had you by my side throughout pregnancy and now through the exciting older baby phase! Your warmth and knowledge of all things baby has been so helpful to us.  See you soon!” – Amanda



I know I already said it, but it was such a blessing to have found you! I made some wonderful friends and felt so supported these last 12 weeks.  You do an amazing job.  Thank you! Hugs, and see you in May, God willing – Rachel



I just wanted to thank you for the extraordinarily helpful information I received in the Expectant Moms class. I will certainly look into future classes with you and hope to sign up for something soon. I truly think you are a wealth of baby and mama knowledge! – Maria




Becoming a new mom was the most exhilarating, exhausting, and intense journey I’d ever experienced. What I found I needed most was a sense of community, which is what this group offers. Meeting up, learning from, and laughing with other new mothers helps turn an uncertain and potentially scary time into a shared adventure. Renee makes everyone comfortable, and is a reassuring and knowledgeable guide for new moms – Ellie



I wanted to tell you what a terrific experience the past weeks has been – it really has made a tremendous difference in my experience of pregnancy – it was just amazing to be in a group with other expectant moms and feel like part of a community. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! Thank you for making these opportunities possible! – Terri






Do I bring my baby to the group? 



Babies are welcome! Moms registered for our new moms groups have babies from one week to twelve weeks. If you decide you'd rather leave your baby at home so you can take a break, that's okay too.  Do what works best for you each week.




How accessible is the space for strollers? Are there any stairs?



Our locations are very mom friendly, no stairs or tight spaces to navigate. Feel free to bring your stroller, or if you are more comfortable with a baby carrier, that's okay too. Whatever works best for you and your baby each week.



 What if I have to miss a session?



No worries - do what you can to make it each week,  and if you miss a session, we'll loop you in with the notes. It's about getting the support, resources, and connections and beyond. Much of the support is what happens between the groups. One of the best parts? Making lasting friendships with so many supportive NYC moms!




Do you prorate for missed sessions?


We don't prorate our support groups for missed sessions as it's about connecting with a great group of moms and getting six weeks (and beyond) of support, resources, and friendships.


The group's facilitator emails follow-up notes between sessions so you don't miss any of the conversations and resources and you'll be able to hop back in the following week.



More Information


We love connecting and chatting!

If you have any questions give us a call or drop us a line.


Email the program coordinator:

or Call Renee Sullivan at 917-578-3733 to learn more about our program.

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